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"I Got This!" is a story about a Tennessee boy and his adventures of going out into the world immediately after high school to seek his fame and fortune in the 'large' construction industry. There were so many amazing things that happened along the way. To the point where my friends and coworkers implored me to write a book of stories – what a great idea! 


This is also a sequel to my first book, “Always Remember This Moment”, which is about a near-final death experience I experienced in 2011. This book goes much deeper and longer, and follows my career once I left home in Tennessee and the many things that happened along the way. Pretty much everything I experienced I saw through the lens of: “Man, the folks back home would not believe this stuff!”


This journey seems to focus on stories that are work-related in nature, but if you look deep enough, you will see that most everything that happens is life related. Some pretty amazing things have happened along the road of happy destiny. And the funny thing is, most all of them actually did happen!



February 29, 2020
Published on Leap Year!

The transition from the corporate work environment to retirement has not been an easy one to make; going from 200 mph to zero is hard to do!  These are short action-filled stories of a long career in a short life.  A young man right out of school onto a job of big machines, big egos and bigger challenges! It is quite a ride. 


“Charlie is the best story teller in the whole of the construction industry, I personally have been listening to them for the past 20 plus years and never tire of them.. The result of this book is a fantastic glimpse into the daily life of all of us in the construction industry, especially with Charlies exquisite sense of humor. I look forward to the next one! “­ — Brian Morton, VP WebCor Builders


"Charlie’s amazing and miraculous journey speaks of the power of God, the value of strong family ties and  the inspiration of loving friends.  This book will draw you in, melt your heart and inspire you to see life in a refreshing new way. I highly recommend “Always Remember This Moment.”"

Milan Yerkovich, Author, How We Love


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