I Got This!     PAPERBACK


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Most of us love to watch new buildings going up. There’s something about the whole process and the cranes, earthmovers and daredevil nature of scaffold climbing that appeals on a primal level. That same fascination is likely to extend behind-the-scenes to the unusual things that actually happen on construction sites; particularly when matched with the storytelling skills of 40-year construction professional Charles (Charlie) Gardner.


    He’ll entertain you from beginning to end with true stories from his career that began right after high school and literally started off with a bang.


    Charlie is a senior project manager now working from home for a large construction company in Kansas and is a civil engineer who has worked in heavy construction for 40 years. His memoir “I Got This” contains amazing adventure stories from his life and career.


This is a story about a Tennessee boy and his adventures of going out into the world to seek his fame and fortune. There were so many amazing things that happened along the way. To the point where his friends and coworkers implored him to write a book of stories – what a great idea!